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Amazigh Fashion Show at the 6th Euro-Amazigh Forum

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On April 18, the Euro-Amazigh Fashion Show was presented at the Euro-Arab Foundation as part of the activities carried out in the 6th Euro-Amazigh Forum, which is being held from April 11 to 24 at the Euro-Arab headquarters

The Amazigh Fashion Show is a vibrant event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the Amazigh communities of North Africa.

This fashion show will showcase garments and accessories from different regions of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

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The Euro-Arab Foundation will come alive with colourful textiles, embroidery and geometric patterns characteristic of the Amazigh aesthetic.

The Amazigh designs reflect the deep connection to nature and the history of this community, incorporating elements such as floral motifs, tribal symbols and traditional weaving techniques.

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Each garment and accessory tells a unique story, conveying the cultural identity and pride of belonging to the Amazigh community.

The fashion show offered as part of the 6th Euro-Amazigh Forum is not just a fashion exhibition, it is a tribute to the creativity, craftsmanship and resilience of a people who have kept their traditions alive over the centuries.

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