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Language of poetry and the arts to celebrate World Arabic Language Day

On the occasion of World Arabic Language Day, Euro-Arabic and the University of Granada present a programme of activities from 16 November to 19 December, with workshops, conferences, a film forum and a video competition under the slogan ‘Language of poetry and the arts’.

18 December, World Arabic Language Day.

On 18 December 1973 the UN General Assembly of the United Nations declared the Arabic language as an official language of the UN. In commemoration of this designation, every 18 December is World Arabic Language Day, declared by UNESCO in 2012, with the aim of recognising the enormous contribution of the Arabic language to universal culture and celebrating linguistic diversity.

The Arabic language is a pillar of humanity’s cultural diversity. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used daily by more than 400 million people. Since 2012, World Arabic Language Day has been celebrated every year on 18 December. The date coincides with the day in 1973 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted Arabic as the sixth official language of the United Nations.

UNESCO is calling to celebrate not only a language, but also a culture and, more broadly, to underline the extent to which we need this diversity of views on the world, as they constitute an invaluable wealth and the fundamental condition for lasting peace.