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PERCEPTIONS project representatives from 15 countries analyse in Granada the False Narratives generated about Europe

Understanding the impact of Europe’s narratives and perceptions on migration and providing practices, tools, and guidelines for practitioners

The working sessions started this morning with the intervention of the Executive Secretary of the Euro-Arab Foundation, Inmaculada Marrero, who welcomed and congratulated the consortium for the objectives achieved in these almost three years of implementation of PERCEPTIONS (link is external)project, in which the partners have successfully carried out fieldwork in 13 countries.

In the case of the Euro-Arab Foundation, one of the partners in the project, it was possible to carry out the research in Morocco remotely, considering the situation generated by the Covid19 pandemic. Despite this task being particularly demanding, Inmaculada Marrero emphasized in her speech that Euro-Arab has provided the necessary information for the analysis phase, obtaining essential results.

In this sense, the Executive Secretary expressed the Euro-Arab Foundation’s commitment to continue working on the rest of the ongoing activities, which are progressing satisfactorily, as is the case of the multidimensional approach model, the web platform, the dissemination and impact activities, as well as the public policy recommendations that the project has among its objectives. 

After Inmaculada Marrero’s speech, the PERCEPTIONS coordinator, Diotima Bertel of Synyo(link is external), the consortium’s lead organization, proceeded to list the technical aspects of the project that will be discussed during these two days at the meeting in Granada.


It has been three years, since September 2019, when the Euro-Arab Foundation went to Vienna for the launch meeting of this project, PERCEPTIONS, which has 25 organizations from 15 European countries in its consortium.

Funded by the European Horizon2020 program, this project was created to identify and understand the false narratives about the EU that circulate in the Western Mediterranean, assessing potential problems related to border and external security, and outlining reactions and measures against these narratives.

The main objectives of the project are, on the one hand, to identify the narratives, pictures, and perceptions of Europe held by migrants and those who may intend to migrate. Also, it investigates how the different narratives can generate problems due to a mismatch between expectations and reality for those who migrate to EU countries and even how they can generate national security problems for the receiving country.

In addition to this research, the project PERCEPTIONS also aims to create a set of creative and innovative tools to react to and counteract distorted information that may occur, taking into account social, societal and structural aspects, provided on an intuitive web platform.

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