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SAT-LAW: Virtual Reality Workshop on the future challenges of judicial cooperation in criminal matters


Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation 


The SAT LAW Project (Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation) and the Andalusia Initiative for the Future of Europe(link is external) organize a training event that will take place at the Euro-Arab Foundation next Friday, September 17.

Round Table will be organized from 9:30 to 11:30 to discuss the great challenges that faces judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the European Union. This event will feature an intervention by the Rosa A. Morán Martínez, Fiscal (Supreme Court Prosecutor, Head, International Cooperation Unit) Coordinator of International Judicial Cooperation, followed by a debate where judges, prosecutors, lawyers, judicial police and academics will participate.

  • Follow the event live on the Euro-Arab Foundation YouTube channel and Facebook channel.

Virtual Training on the European Investigation Order in Criminal Matters (EIO) will also be held at our headquarters, aimed at professionals who use this instrument of judicial cooperation in their work. Both Spanish professionals present at the Euro-Arab Foundation and their Italian counterparts will participate in this exercise, who will solve practical cases related to the EIO in real time from their country.

Virtual Reality: a new methodology for our trainings on Security and Justice

As part of the EU-Justice Programme funded project SAT-LAW (“Strategic Assessment for Law and Policie Cooperation”), the Euro-Arab Foundation has integrated an  innovative methodology to deliver training courses practitioners, developed by our partner AGENFOR(link is external): the Virtual Reality (VR) Blended Solution.

The equipment and hardware technology for virtual reality acquired at FUNDEA allow to streamline and gain more value from the training processes related to security and justice. As a learning tool, virtual reality allows beneficiaries, such as LEAs, judiciary and private agencies in the fields of security and justice, to recreate scenarios through a virtual simulation in approaching threats and risks. It is a new opportunity for group collaboration, interactivity between participants and full immersive experiences in critical environment, where participants can study and analyse situations and find innovative solutions (Bellina, 2021).

The VR blended solution combines four training methods: immersive VR Training; 360° immersive learning environment; synchronic and a-synchronic online delivery and traditional face-to-face lessons.

For more information, see the Agenfor Technological Lab is external)

The Euro-Arab Foundation will  carry out its first virtual reality workshop on 17 September within the framework of the SAT-LAW project and will develop new workshops in the future.…