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The Euro-Arab Foundations meets its SAT-LAW project partners in Toulouse

The aim of the SAT-LAW project, funded by the Directorate General for Justice of the European Commission(link is external), is to analyse the consistency of the European Criminal Investigation Order, as well as other legal instruments that seek to strengthen judicial cooperation between the Member States of the European Union.

This Order is a judicial decision issued or validated by the competent authority of a Member State of the European Union, to carry out investigative measures in another Member State.

During the meeting on June 4, which took place at the University of Toulouse, the Euro-Arab Foundation presented to the other partners the activities carried out so far as part of the work package of studies and analysis that it leads.

Within the framework of this work package, a questionnaire has been formulated and sent out reaching more than 350 stakeholders in the judicial and police field in the 8 European countries of the consortium: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and the Czech Republic.

In addition, focus groups have been organized in each of these countries, bringing together more than 100 experts, including prosecutors, lawyers, judges, civil servants, investigators and members of Law Enforcement Agencies.

The information obtained both from the questionnaires and from the focus groups will be the basis for a report to be drawn up by the Euro-Arab Foundation, addressing the coherence, harmonisation and interrelationship between the different existing judicial instruments in the field of judicial and police cooperation.